18" Ttop Delineator Post (Non-reflective)

    These Ttop posts come standard with a molded lower handhold grip. You have a convenient T-top carring handle (A Bent Mfg. Co. exclusive) and molded in bolt hole for adding a flashing light to the post. The newer, deeper recesses create a optimal area for reflective bands and the stronger ribs provide for band protection. New precision molding machines produce consistent, high quality parts. These yellow posts are tested and certified to meet the crashworthy requirements of NCHRP-35. They are manufactured with minimum 45% recycled rubber. The 18" Ttop delineator posts are available in yellow, orange or white. You have multiple stability options for the delineator posts and they come in either an 8lb., 12lb., or 15lb. base.
     18 in. with 12lb Base - White <==> $17.55 (10 or more)
     18 in. with 15lb Base - White <==> $19.63 (10 or more)
     18 in. with 8lb Base - White <==> $16.50 (10 or more)
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